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Unreal Engine 4.20 Released

This is a massive new release that includes tons of stuff the Unreal Engine team has learned from Fortnite. The major focus is on visual optimizations for mobile.

One standout feature is the addition of Platform Material Stats. This allows you to see expected performance on difference platforms right inside the material editor. Very cool.


Go HERE for the full list of features in 4.20.


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Unreal Engine 4.18 Released

Unreal Engine 4.18 has been released with the most prominent feature being Volumetric Lightmaps and multi-bounce indirect lighting from Skylights. Unfortunately the new features in 4.18 can’t be used by content developers for UT4 since UT4 is several engine revisions behind at this point. Hopefully that will be remedied soon.

From the Unreal Engine site:

Volumetric Lightmaps store precomputed lighting at all points in space by covering the entire Lightmass Importance Volume with 4x4x4 bricks of lighting samples. Bricks are placed with higher density near static geometry, where indirect lighting is changing the most. This data structure allows efficient interpolation of indirect lighting to any point in space on the GPU. The Volumetric Lightmap is interpolated to each pixel instead of once for the whole component and has more reliable detail than our previous Indirect Lighting Cache method, resulting in fewer cases of light leaking.

Go HERE for all of the details on the 4.18 release.


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Unreal Engine 4.17 Released

Epic Games has released Unreal Engine 4.17. As usual, you will be scrolling for days to review the entire, jaw-dropping change log.

Prominent in this release are several Sequencer related items. Go HERE for the full changelog.

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Unreal Engine Live Stream – Volumetric Fog

The June 1st Unreal Engine Live Stream will focus on the long awaited Volumetric Fog feature this time around.

From an Unreal Engine Forum post by Alexander Paschall:

Daniel Wright joins the livestream once again, this time to talk about Volumetric Fog, a beautiful new rendering feature in 4.16. With Volumetric Fog, you can create incredible ambiance and mood in your environments using the new Volumetric Fog! Varying densities are supported so you can simulate clouds of dust or smoke flowing through light shafts, and any number of lights can affect the fog.

Watch the Twitch stream on the Unreal Engine Twitch channel at 2:00pm ET.

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UE4 Lighting Techniques and Guides

Here’s a couple of new Unreal Engine 4 lighting guides using the latest engine version. There is significant coverage of shadow techniques in the second guide which I found useful.

Some of this stuff might be “expensive” processing-wise so keep in mind it might not be great for UT.  (Warning: These videos are really long…)

Guide 1:


Guide 2:

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UE4 Procedural Mesh Slicing – Training Stream

Here’s a crazy new feature in Unreal Engine 4.13. Procedural Mesh Slicing allows you to setup meshes that can be sliced up to bits during game play. Pretty cool stuff!  This tutorial featuring Alexander Paschall and Ian Shaddon, shows you some of the tricks to get this done.

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Unreal Engine 4.12 Released

Unreal Engine 4.12 was officially released today even though UT has been using a pre-release version of 4.12 for quite a while. One of the big new features is the new Sequencer for real-time cinematics and cutscenes. If you’re using Matinee to make fly-throughs of your maps, you might want to take a look at the new features in Sequencer.

As usual, the full changelog is freakishly long. Go HERE for the full details.


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Unreal Engine 4.10 Released

Unreal Engine is now at version 4.10 with the usual massive change log. With UT now 2 revisions back, it will interesting to see if the team skips 4.9 altogether. Release information can be found HERE.

One of the new features is the Landscape Mirror Tool seen below. Instant outdoor, symmetric CTF!

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Unreal Engine 4.9 Released!

Unreal Engine 4.9 has been released and along with it, the usual massive list of updates. It truly is mind boggling how many updates the Epic engine team crams into each new release!

Read more about the new features HERE.

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Unreal Engine 4.8 Released!

Unreal Engine 4.8 was released today, and as usual, there is a massive amount of new and mind blowing additions. One thing that should find its way into the next UT build is the replay system with DVR-like functionality.

Outdoor scenes will take another leap with the new grass functionality.  From the release notes:  “The new grass system dynamically renders instanced grass and other ground clutter meshes on the landscape around the player”.  Awesome!

Go HERE for the full release notes.

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