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Any Unreal/Unreal Engine/UT fans are welcome to leave comments in the forum (and of course, play on the server!).


How This Site is Organized:

On the left are several links to UT4 and Unreal Engine topics along with community links and MCC UT3 map info. On the right side are items that will help you stay in sync with the UT3 server and UT4 Hub.


New Unreal Tournament (UT4):

The new Unreal Tournament, currently being developed hand in hand with the community, has been such a huge shock after the drought that was the UT3 years. There is no doubt in my mind that Open Tournament forced Epic’s hand so big thanks goes out those guys. I’m currently running the Unreal Carnage.com Hub that is visible in game.   I plan on doing some mapping for UT4 but I’m still feeling things out a bit in regards to scale etc. I don’t want to have to do a lot of redesign due to game changes.



UT3 still stands up very well graphically thanks to consoles holding game developers in check.  The thing that is great about all UT’s is the editor.  You can make the game the way you want it essentially.  Right now I’m not planning on finishing up any maps for UT3 since my focus is on UT4. I feel bad for the UT fans that missed out on the low poly revolution in UT3. It really transformed the game into something quite enjoyable.


Avatars for this Site:

If you want to have an avatar for this site, it is set up to use Gravatars.  This just takes a minute to set up.


This Blog:

This blog is actually a convenient place for me to keep track of things I’ve installed on the server, present maps I’ve made, discuss all things Unreal Engine and UT, and gives me a chance to mess around making a website and wasting precious time…


Unreal Carnage Server Name History:

MauL’s Carnage Company started all of the way back when Unreal botmatch was happening.  Back then, you wanted to put what type of connection you had in your server name somewhere so people knew they were either going to have a crap experience or a good one.

During Unreal botmatch days, it was MauL’s Modem Carnage but shortly thereafter, I was lucky to be the first in my neighborhood (according to the installer) to get a cable modem.  This lead to a prompt server name change to MauL’s Cable Carnage.  You could actually run a pretty decent server back then on cable compared to other offerings.  Today, the server names (UT4/UT3) have morphed into Unreal Carnage and are cloud based located in Dallas.