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Happy 20th Anniversary to Unreal

Hard to believe it has been twenty years since the release of Unreal. So many good times playing this game. Not only was the single player fantastic but the ability to play online coop and of course the predecessor to UT, Unreal botmatch, extended the gameplay massively.

Here’s a nice tribute video by Shivaxi.

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UT4 Is Still Alive…

Nobody really knows at this point whether or not Epic will shut down UT4 just like it did with Paragon. At this point it makes little sense to do so and the game is recently showing new signs of life even without Epic’s attention.

While the community is still extremely small, there has been a steady increase in the number of players lately.  The Unreal Carnage Hub has seen its highest bandwidth usage ever in the last month since it has been in operation (since March 2015).

Additionally, many people are reporting that you can jump in a Quickmatch and almost always find players right away, most often with many non-familiar names that are new to the game. The interesting thing about Quickmatch players is that they are not counted in the game anywhere so nobody really knows how many there are. Only Epic knows…

Lastly, the Pro Weapons mod has been very well received with some long time players coming back to the game because of the mod.

Only time will tell how this plays out, but there are promising signs of life.

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Chaos UT Update

The Chaos mod for UT4 continues to roll on.  You can see the incredible progress the team has made in the following video.  Nice work guys!

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Epic Games Shutting Down Paragon In April

Epic games surprised many today with the news that they will shut down Paragon on April 26th. This is shocking in many ways but not a total surprise given recent comments from the development team on Reddit. Most of the team had been diverted to Fortnite just as the UT dev team has been.

Epic has stated recently on the UT Discord channel that they have no plans to shut down UT. One wonders why Epic wouldn’t leave Paragon up but just not being developed i.e. in the same mode UT currently is in. It leaves the future of UT subject to change at any moment.

For more info, read the article on Polygon.


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Sonic The Hedgehog In UT! DM-Green_Thrill_Zone by BlueBlur

BlueBlur has created a @utgame map that pays homage to the Sonic The Hedgehog “Green Hill Zone” level. Appropriately named DM-Green_Thrill_Zone, the map is full of rings (that double as UT health) and Sonic-style jump pads. He even used the Lightning Gun mesh to create an animated flying bug. The map is sure to put a smile on any UT player’s face!

DM-Green_Thrill_Zone is ready to play on the Unreal Carnage Hub!


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CTF-HolyOak By tidu

tidu has released a version of his new map, CTF-HolyOak. This is a beautiful, fully meshed CTF map that tidu has been working on for quite a while.

Go HERE to read the forum post.

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DM-Aly By Stevelois

Stevelois is busy remaking  DM-Aly for UT4! DM-Aly was originally a map that Steve put enormous effort in for UT3 so it is good to see it come back to life in UT4.

DM-Aly will be playable on the Unreal Carnage hub when it’s available.

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Many UT fans are wondering what is going on with UT these days. With the success of Fortnite, UT fans have not heard anything from the UT dev team since August when Steve Polge posted an announcement on the Epic Discord channel.

The silence has the unfortunate side effect of slowing the output of the few community members left that were making content for the game. I for one have stopped mapping while I wait for a sign that the game will proceed as planned.

Fjaru has put together his thoughts on what the state of UT might be in this excellent video.


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Unreal Engine 4.18 Released

Unreal Engine 4.18 has been released with the most prominent feature being Volumetric Lightmaps and multi-bounce indirect lighting from Skylights. Unfortunately the new features in 4.18 can’t be used by content developers for UT4 since UT4 is several engine revisions behind at this point. Hopefully that will be remedied soon.

From the Unreal Engine site:

Volumetric Lightmaps store precomputed lighting at all points in space by covering the entire Lightmass Importance Volume with 4x4x4 bricks of lighting samples. Bricks are placed with higher density near static geometry, where indirect lighting is changing the most. This data structure allows efficient interpolation of indirect lighting to any point in space on the GPU. The Volumetric Lightmap is interpolated to each pixel instead of once for the whole component and has more reliable detail than our previous Indirect Lighting Cache method, resulting in fewer cases of light leaking.

Go HERE for all of the details on the 4.18 release.


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Fortnite Players Trying UT? (@FortniteGame @utgame)

Now that Epic has a viral hit on its hands with Fornite Battle Royale, PC Fortnite players checking out the launcher might be stumbling onto the UT pre-alpha for the first time.

Unfortunately for UT, the game isn’t ready to safely capture these players and place them in an enjoyable environment. Currently “green 1’s” are jumping right into high ranked matches and hitting the buzzsaw of the hardcore crowd.

To those trying UT for the first time, grab some of your Fortnite friends on the launcher and create private and/or ranked matches on a Hub.  The Hub list is under the Play menu (Join a hub). Joining a hub with friends rather than Quickplay will give you more control over your match. Once you are in a hub, click on the Start a Match button and select a gametype. Once in the match, go to your friends list and invite people to join.

The hottest gametype at the moment is a community mod by Scoob called Elimination. On the Unreal Carnage hub, this gametype can be found under the Featured tab after you click the Start a Match button. In Elimination you start with all of the weapons and fight to death against the opposing team over the course of 10 rounds.

There are many old timers who think that the current UT does not have a high skill ceiling.  Compared to other games, it still has a very high skill ceiling so it can take quite a while to be competitive. Take the journey with some similarly skilled friends and you will have a much more enjoyable experience.


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