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New UT3 Frag Movie by Lady*D

So we’re all psyched about the new UT and then along comes Lady*D to remind us that there is still fun to be had in UT3! She’s put together a sweet frag movie showing off her bonecrushing skillz.

I will be ready for some beat down if Lady*D ever shows up on the MCC server… Nice job Lady*D!


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New UT3 Frag Movie from LoRD

Here’s a sweet new frag movie from LoRD with high production values and excellent use of Rypel Cam. He is calling this his last UT3 movie.

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MCC Server Action in DM-UOF-LP-Atori

Okay, I suck at making these (need better tools!) but here’s some MCC server action from the fastest rising map on the MCC Stats page, DM-UOF-LP-Atori by Nova.

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Angry Robot’s Bonescraper Spammage

Okay, after getting my arse whooped but Angry last night, I have to post his frag vid showing ridiculous ownage. This sorta makes me feel better since I just have to own up to the fact that I suck…


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UT3 Frag Movie: “Imagination” from SNappy

SNappy posted three UT3 frag movies under the heading “Theory of Art” on the Epic forums that I thought were very well done. In particular, this one, called “Imagination” was quite fun.

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January Server Action

Now that server side demo recording is up and running, I can finally post some MCC action videos!  These will also be collected in a new “Videos” menu item on the top menu.  I still need to refine my capturing process and probably need to change my out my hard drive to an SSD due to the high bandwidth required during capture to get HD videos. *Edit* fixed the problem just by recording to my secondary.  Thanks for the tip Wikkid!

Here’s some late night action in Morbias:

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