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NA Blitz Summer Draft Cup June 20th

Sign up your team here:  https://forms.gle/e5Z882FGGfvdaFVC8

UT Renaissance : Launching Development Stream Series

UT Renaissance Development launches development stream series which will help to establish connection between players and community developers.During every episode of stream developers will show off their personal artwork and stuff they work on and implement in game.This will help playerbase to stay tuned in whats going on with UT.Players are welcome give any advice and even critique.Remember that WE are building the UT at this point and your feedback is important for us.Be it new idea or just advice.
Tomorrow is our first stream of pilot episode.
Here are the Twitch and Youtube links where the episodes will be streamed.


Happy 20th Anniversary to Unreal

Hard to believe it has been twenty years since the release of Unreal. So many good times playing this game. Not only was the single player fantastic but the ability to play online coop and of course the predecessor to UT, Unreal botmatch, extended the gameplay massively.

Here’s a nice tribute video by Shivaxi.

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Epic Games Shutting Down Paragon In April

Epic games surprised many today with the news that they will shut down Paragon on April 26th. This is shocking in many ways but not a total surprise given recent comments from the development team on Reddit. Most of the team had been diverted to Fortnite just as the UT dev team has been.

Epic has stated recently on the UT Discord channel that they have no plans to shut down UT. One wonders why Epic wouldn’t leave Paragon up but just not being developed i.e. in the same mode UT currently is in. It leaves the future of UT subject to change at any moment.

For more info, read the article on Polygon.


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Fortnite Battle Royale Public Test

Wondering why development on the new Unreal Tournament has ground to a halt? Wonder no further… Epic Games has provided access to a public test of a new Battle Royale game mode for Fortnite, hoping to cash in on the success of PUBG.

It turns out that this mode has been in development for quite some time using much of the Unreal Tournament team.  Hopefully it will be successful and make Epic lots of money that they can spend on UT 🙂

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Epic Games Awards Over $200,000 In New Unreal Dev Grants

Epic Games announced the winners of the latest round of Dev Grants. They aren’t providing information regarding the dollar amounts given to each Dev Grant winner, but with over $200,000 going to 15 winners, you can safely say they are all getting a good chunk of cash.

Even though it is on the bottom of the page, surely the top winner for UT fans is Scoob, for his awesome Elimination game mode. Congratulations Scoob!

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Hourences Releases All Of His Content For Free!

Sjoerd De Jong, aka Hourences, has posted on his website that he is now giving away all of the content available on his website for free! From the website:

As a Christmas gift to the community I am hereby releasing all of my books and all of my videos for free! You can find all the content on the various pages on the site.

I’ve learned tons of stuff from his website over the years personally so this is very cool to see. Thanks Hourences!

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Paragon: Gameplay First Look

Okay, it is with much reluctance that I post this due to the fact that if you take one look this, you’ll know why UT is taking so long to make.

If you’ve been keeping up on your gaming lately, you’ll know that Paragon is Epic’s new, triple-A MOBA game that has recently been revealed. One look at the visuals in this video and you can see that a huge part of Epic’s team is working on this. While the visuals are incredible, it’s a shame that this level of effort couldn’t be put into UT. Maybe it’s better for UT to lurk along in the background, away from the bean counters. Time will tell.


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Cliffy’s New Game is… LawBreakers!

Today was the official announcement of Bosskey’s new game with Cliffy at the helm. The LawBreakers trailer released today is just a teaser with a gameplay trailer expected this Friday.  I’m in!


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DM-Mimicry WIP by Fjaru

Fjaru is working on a very clean UT4 map called DM-Mimicry that looks like it will end up in my playlist for sure. Hard to say if he’s going for a HOLP style since it is a WIP but I’d take it just like it is! See the forum thread for info and downloads.

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