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New Toxikk Gameplay Trailer

Interesting to see the progress on Toxikk which obviously is a competitor to UT4. Hopefully it won’t pull the 2k4ers away from the new UT with it’s freer movement – we need those folks in the community.

I’ll be waiting patiently for this in the bargain bin :). Long live UT!

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Mapping Arm Motions With Oculus Using Myo Arm Bands

Here we go!  It had to happen right?  Now what we need are some gloves that can make you feel like you’re holding the shock rifle!

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Titanfall Beta

If you’re wondering why the already minuscule player count on UT3 servers seems even smaller, it could be because a ton of folks are playing the Titanfall Beta right now.  Slated to be released on March 11th, Titanfall is notable in the UT community because it is has some similar player movements for the players on foot.

If you’ve been living under a rock and have never seen footage of Titanfall :), watch the video below and pay close attention to the wall dodging moves.

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Nvidia G-SYNC Fixes Screen Tearing in Kepler-based Games

Well it’s about time!  Nvidia is building a module to put inside monitors that will automatically sync a Kepler-based GPU to the monitor without the need to sync to the vertical refresh.  Personally, I’ve always turned vsync on because I can’t stand the tearing but it would be nice to have higher frame rates than 60fps if there is plenty of processing power headroom left.

Check out the full article HERE.

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Xan on DeviantART

Couldn’t resist posting this awesome Xan image by JS2103 on DeviantArt. Sweet!

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Digital Storm Vanquish Goes After DIYers

I’m a DIY computer builder – yes it’s actually fun for me to build my own rig :). However, it looks one of the boutique computer builders has finally had the bright idea of going head-to-head with the DIYers.

Digital Storm, which is known for its high end rigs and some some crazy prices has just released the Vanquish line which they claim costs only $23 to $58 more than doing it yourself. If I’m feeling lazy on my next upgrade, this might be a good option.

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Dear Esther

Okay, how about this for a detour from UT?  I’ve been looking for a game that was essentially diametrically opposed to UT3, just to bliss out on, and relax.  I tried Proteus but in the end, just couldn’t get past the 8-bit graphics.  I finally got around to trying Dear Esther which has been out about a year.

Well, I was initially drawn in by the game world but just as I was about to get bored, I entered the cave sequence which is some of the best graphics I’ve seen in a long time.  Great use of lighting and textures.  Will be interesting to see where it goes from here…


Nvidia Grid Cloud Gaming

I had to post this in case you guys hadn’t seen it yet.  Has Nvidia finally figured out cloud gaming??  Time will tell but this video of BF3 playing on a Nexus 7 (!) is impressive.  Mobile UT3 on a Nexus 7 = schweeet!

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