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Hub Bandwidth Usage Holding Steady

Unreal Carnage Dallas Hub bandwidth usage has managed to stay well over the 250GB usage per month since December.

This is quite surprising given the amount of games out there competing for players time. The arrival of Apex Legends had very little effect for example.

It’s quite likely at this point that if Epic ever came back to UT that it would not involve the current iteration. It is now almost two years behind the latest Unreal Engine version not to mention that the team that worked on this version would most likely not be re-formed.

One thing is for sure – Epic won’t make another UT if there’s nobody interested in it so keep jumping on the hub people ūüėÄ.

Unreal Carnage Hub Update

Moxnix has decided to join forces and unify his Chicago hub under the Unreal Carnage banner.

This made the most sense since the community is small and we’re using the same redirect, server provider, and Discord channel.

Moxnix, Metalfist, Power, and myself can admin both hubs. The Chicago and Dallas hubs won’t be deployed identically at this point which will give Moxnix the leeway to try different rulesets on the Chicago server.

Unreal Carnage Hub Bandwidth Usage Record @utgame

The Unreal Carnage Hub set another bandwidth usage record this past month with 251GB total bandwidth used, completely obliterating the last record of 161GB set in September.

A small portion can be attributed to issues with Quick Play, but usage was fairly consistent across the month which means some Quick Play types have discovered hubs are much more fun :-).

On top of that, the Unreal Carnage redirect server also not surprisingly set a bandwidth record of 725GB for the month.

The overall bandwidth usage trend has continued to go up as seen in the charts below.

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Unreal Carnage Hub Update

The rebuilding of the Unreal Carnage Hub map list continues after the latest UT update. Thanks to community mappers who have provided rapid recooks so far!

Here’s the current list:


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DM-Airforce Installed On The Hub

Mr. E is working on a fun, small Deathmatch map for UT called DM-Airforce. His latest version is installed and ready to go on the UC Hub. ¬†Word of warning, this one is probably not a great place to practice your sliding skills…

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Unreal Carnage Hub Now A Trusted Hub

The Unreal Carnage Hub is now an Epic trusted Hub where you can gain Experience Points (XP) and watch replays. This will be denoted by a special U/xp icon next to the server name on the Hub list.

I haven’t completely tested it out yet so please report any issues here or PM me on the Epic forums. I will be doing more testing this weekend so hopefully all of the kinks can get worked out.

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Epic Dallas UT Server Is Live

So it had to happen. Several forum members, including myself posted that if XP points were only to be gained on Epic servers for the foreseeable future, then they should run a Dallas server. Dallas is really the best place in the US to bring in the most players with reasonable pings. As of tonight, the first Epic Dallas server is live.

What this does is make the Unreal Carnage Dallas Hub nearly redundant. Hopefully Epic can figure out sooner rather than later how to authorize non-Epic Hubs to support XP progression and replay recording. Having a fully customized Hub like the current iteration of the UC Hub is only fun to run if people actually play on it.

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UT4 Hub Tickrate Set to 100

The tickrate on the Unreal Carnage Hub has been changed from 60 to 100 and it seems to have better performance overall. One of the most notable differences is that it seems to have reduced instance crashes.

Epic has made bug fixes in that regard in the most recent build but there still have been a few crashes. So far, with the server tickrate at 100, there have not been any instance crashes on the Hub.

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Hub Instance Crash Fix Coming Soon

RZE has stated in the UT Forums that the issues causing Hub instance crashes are being worked on. It seems to be centered around the Flak Cannon strangely enough.

This explains why the Unreal Carnage Hub had a 16 player iCTF match going for several hours last Friday night with no issues. No Flak Cannon in instagib :).

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UT4 HUB Issues: Memory Problems Persist in 3/18 Build

Apologies to players on the Unreal Carnage HUB experiencing issues. I was hoping to be able to run this on a 2 core/2GB RAM VPS but I had to increase it to a 3 core/3GB RAM unit tonight.

While this upgrade kept the HUB from crashing, the night still ended with a bunch of zombie game¬†instances running in RAM. This was supposed to be fixed in the 3/18 build but it looks like it has reared its ugly head once again. It’s a pre-alpha folks…

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