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Connect to the MCC UT3 Server

How to Join the MCC UT3 Server:

  • To join the server, from the main menu in UT3, hit the F10 key to bring down the console and type:
    • open
      • (Next time you play, just hit the F10 key and the down arrow to retrieve the “open” command and hit Enter)
  • Alternatively, the server will typically be run public so you can find it on the in-game browser and set it as a favorite.

Connect to the TeamSpeak 3  Server:

[maxbutton id=”12″] ¬†(you need password: send me a PM in the forum.)

You can join using the button above or you can create a new connection in TeamSpeak 3 with the following server address:



UT3 Server Console Commands and Admin:

Here are some useful console (F10) commands (use verbage between quotes):

  1. Change your name when you enter the game
    • If you don’t like the name that Gamespy dealt you, you can change it when you enter the server using the UTComp interface (F5)
  2. Login as admin to add/delete bots or force map change:
    • “adminlogin password” (Send me a PM in the forum to request the password)
  3. Logout as admin:
    • “adminlogout”
  4. Add one bot in:
    • “admin addbots 1”
  5. Kill all bots:
    • “admin killbots”
  6. Helpful Keybinds:
    • You can bind the admin stuff to keys in the UTInput.ini (C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config) under the [Engine.PlayerInput] section like this (include quotes):
      • Bindings=(Name=”PageUp”,Command=”adminlogin password”)
      • Bindings=(Name=”PageDown”,Command=”adminlogout”)
      • Bindings=(Name=”Insert”,Command=”admin addbots 1″)
      • Bindings=(Name=”Delete”,Command=”admin killbots”)
  7. Ping Control:
    • You can raise your ping to match other players by using the “pktlag=#” command in the console.
    • If you have a ping of 50 or so, typing “pktlag=50” in the console will raise your ping to a little over 100ms.
      • My keybind in UTInput.ini:
        • Bindings=(Name=”End”,Command=”pktlag=60″)



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