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(Beta 3)

Name: DM-MCC-Curse
Author: M^rTiN M^uL
Version: v0.84   (Beta 3)
Player Count: 4 to 6 players
Compatibility: UT3 PC v2.1
Release Date:  Final not released

It’s hard to keep a good man down in this prison.   Some of the worst known criminals booted out of the Tournament were sent to this desolate prison on a remote, rocky world to live out their final days. Little did they know it was the gateway to hell…

I don’t think there is another classic Curse out there for UT3 that had the right feel I was looking for so…. gotta make one myself.  As usual, since I can’t help myself, there is tons of Kismet in there – quite a bit of it hidden from immediate view.  I wanted to add some new twists yet make the level play more like the original (minus annoying narrow passage ways etc).

All of the gargoyle eyes turn red and the skull eyes brighten (with light cones) when the amp is available and still in play.  Lots of custom materials and tons of work on lightning and rain, making sure it also works online (always the catch!).

Screenshots (from Beta 4 – not released):


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