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Name: DM-MCC-DeathFan
Author: M^rTiN M^uL
Version: v1.00   (Final)
Player Count: 2 to 4 players
Compatibility: UT3 PC v2.1
Release Date: 7/26/10 (PC) 7/31/10 (PS3)

Epic Forums Release Thread

As part of a typical Tyridium factory, a temperature stabilization phase for the Biosludge product is required. In order to maintain the correct viscosity, the sludge must be continuously cooled by a large, high CFM fan. Many operators have died during temperature testing of the sludge. Some say that the monotonous sound of the loud fan calls them to their death…

This is a remake of DeathFan from Unreal botmatch (by Elliot ‘Myscha’ Cannon).



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