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Name: DM-MCC-Fith (Fire in the Hole)
Author: M^rTiN M^uL
Version: v1.00 (Final)
Player Count: 2 to 4 players
Compatibility: UT3 PC v2.1 (contains Titan assets)
Release Date: 2/19/12

This is the second Unreal 1 remake I made alongside DeathFan. This one has a fair amount of custom textures that I made in Photoshop which of course were turned into custom materials. In terms of the original level, I never liked the original sequence for gaining access to the pipes below so basically I have reimagined it. This time the access door in the middle blows off after the core has been disabled five times and then you have access to the bottom area from there on out unlike the original.

This level turned out to be a massive amount of Kismet to get it to do what I wanted it to. I had quite a bit of trouble getting the bots to want to attack the core and then NOT want to attack it when they weren’t supposed to. There may still be some issues there. I also had fun resampling and editing the audio from CarbonFire to fit the level. I think it came out pretty funny.┬áThe best way to see the Kismet sequence is to turn off the bots and go up the stairs and stand on the “3” location. Then, shoot at the core until you’ve gone through the sequences.

Gameplay Notes:
Basically the goal is to blow up the core to gain access to the goodies below. In the sequences preceding the explosion, you can incur damage if you are on the floor in the center between the yellow safety stripes and the red safety stripes. If someone is low on health, they can be killed in this situation and the person who disabled the core on that phase will get credit. Similarly, when the core is “critical” and “vulnerable”, you want to be the guy/gal that blows it up. If you’re standing on the upper deck and you take the core out, everyone in the middle floor area will be gibbed! Have fun!

Fire in The Hole! Destroy the energy core to gain access to the core cooling tunnels.