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MCC In-Game Action:

January 2013:


December 2012:


Pre December 2012:




  1. lookin for the 3 amigos on screen shots. Based on what Dave showed up as last time maybe 2 amigos + 1 amiga

  2. Still collecting a December 2012 batch. Stay tuned…

  3. Merry Christmas Ho!

  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New UT-ear 😛

  5. Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! Love being home again!!

  6. Happy New Year MCC Style!

  7. Where’s the January shots? hehehe

  8. They are comin’ ho! Got some good ones too!

  9. These screenshots really POP now, not sure exactly what you changed but it looks great, especially in chrome!

  10. Changed to a different viewer.

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