Note 1:  See Install page for Character installation instructions.

Note 2: Custom characters do not get pushed out by servers when you join. If you don’t have them installed locally, you will see “demo guy” as the replacement.

Marty’s Mega Char Pack:

  • If you would like to see your fellow MCC’ers as they are meant to be seen (and banish “demo guy” forever”), you will need to download the following character skins.  If you are using a skin that isn’t listed below, please request it to be added to the Mega Char pack in the MCC UT3 Server section of the forum.
  • The simplest method of installing all of the characters that we are using on the server is to download this huge pack of characters.  You can download a zip file of all of the characters on my hard drive.  To install, point the zip file extraction to: ” C:\…\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3″ (all of the subfolders are preserved in the zip).
    • Get it HERE.  (~480MB) (updated: 01/15/13)
  1. Kat (Release Thread) (In CPB3 Volume 2)
  2. War Machine (Release Thread) (In CPB3 Volume 2)
  3. Gears of War Character Pack (V1.6) (Release Thread)
    • The safest way to extract this is to point the extraction into “C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3” since the zip already has a folder structure below that.
    • When you are done, double check that the following subfolders are in the “Published\CookedPC” folder
      • CustomChars
      • Localization
      • Script
      • Sounds
      • Textures
    • Note:  If you try to use one of these characters as your own, the first time you load a character takes a LONG time while the game unpacks it.
  4. Liandri Bots 2 Pack (Release Thread)
    • Descend into the zip until you find the UTGame folder.  As above, extract it into “C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3”
  5. Skaarj pack 1.04 and 1.05 (Release Thread)
    • When I downloaded these, they were .msi installers inside of the archives so just double click on the .msi’s and let ’em do their thing.
  6. LiandriBots 3 Pack (Release Thread)
    • The top level of the zip on this one is “My Games” so you can just point it to “C:Users\Your Name\Documents\”