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Unreal Engine 4.23 Released

Unreal Engine 4.23 was released today. A few of the new features are listed as follows:

– Unreal Engine’s new physics and destruction system called Chaos (Beta)
– Virtual texturing, which is a new way to handle very large textures (Beta)
– Unreal Insights, a new unified profiling experience (Beta)
– HoloLens 2 native support (Beta)
– Ray tracing improvements
– Niagara improvements
– Virtual production improvements

The full release notes are listed HERE.

The Chaos destruction system was previewed back in March at GDC in the video below:

Hub Bandwidth Usage Holding Steady

Unreal Carnage Dallas Hub bandwidth usage has managed to stay well over the 250GB usage per month since December.

This is quite surprising given the amount of games out there competing for players time. The arrival of Apex Legends had very little effect for example.

It’s quite likely at this point that if Epic ever came back to UT that it would not involve the current iteration. It is now almost two years behind the latest Unreal Engine version not to mention that the team that worked on this version would most likely not be re-formed.

One thing is for sure – Epic won’t make another UT if there’s nobody interested in it so keep jumping on the hub people 😀.

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