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DM-Radioactive WIP Images By Effects69

Effects69 has been hard at work once again on UT4 fan-favorite DM-Radioactive. This map has been in regular rotation in shell form for quite some time and is always a blast to play. Looking forward to seeing this one get to final!

The UT forum development thread is located HERE.




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Bio Rifle Update Part 2

KazeoHin has posted what he considers to be his final version of the Bio Rifle. It is amazing to see how close this has come to eightball’s paintovers. Looking good Kazeo! Here’s hoping it makes it into the next build…

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Bio Rifle Update @utgame

KazeoHin is still hard at work on his Bio Rifle for UT4, hoping to get it completed and in game before the end of the calendar year. He posted a screenshot in the forums showing the status of the low poly UVs. In addition to that, eightball_ posted a screenshot of his final paintover for the Bio Rifle. Some amazing community talent on display!

Eightball_’s paintover:

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Community Map Update on UC Hub

After two back-to-back builds that broke community maps, the Hub map list is slowly recovering. Here’s the current list of community Deathmatch maps added not counting the new Marketplace maps.


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Unreal Engine 4.14 Released

Epic Games has released Unreal Engine 4.14 and as usual, it features a mind boggling array of new technology. The current build of Unreal Tournament is already at version 4.14 so it will be interesting to see some of the new technology be applied effectively to UT.

One of the interesting items that UT might be able to benefit from is the Automatic LOD Generation. Unreal Engine will now automatically reduce the polygon count of your meshes on the fly using quadratic mesh simplification.

For more information, check out the release notes HERE.

Auto LOD Generation in action:

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Epic Awards Dev Grants To UT4 Mappers

Epic games has awarded $25,000 in Unreal Dev Grants to the 5 mappers that recently had their maps added to the UT Marketplace. This is a great way to incentivize mappers to build high quality maps for Unreal Tournament. Just in case you didn’t do the math, that is $5000 per mapper. Not bad at all!

Check out the Unreal Tournament Blog for more info.

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UT Twitch Stream and New Build

Epic held their first stream in many months (watch replay here) in which they covered many of the changes to the game in both the recent build and upcoming build. The big surprise is that there is actually a new build coming tomorrow! Check out the changelog HERE.

In addition to discussion of the upcoming build, Sidney reviewed several community maps that will be hitting the marketplace in the launcher. Good to see many of the solid community maps get built into the game.

There was supposed to be a “special announcement” in this stream but unfortunately, Flak could not reveal it today. Instead we’re instructed to watch the Unreal Engine stream tomorrow for this “significant” announcement. Will be interesting to see what the fuss is all about!

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Epic UT4 Twitch Stream Tomorrow

At long last, those of us who have sorely missed the UT Twitch streams will get some relief in the form of a project update by Epic’s UT team. Tune in to the UT Twitch channel at 2pm ET tomorrow (11/9) to catch the stream!

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DM-1on1-Pure-Pro Returns!

Irridium77 has brought a smile to many @utgame fans by bringing the classic DM-1on1-Pure-Pro layout to UT4.  Version 006 is currently installed on the UC Hub and ready for action.

While technically designed for Duel, it’s also quite fun for FFA Deathmatch. Here’s a sample of some game play in Pure on the Unreal Carnage Hub.

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Work Continues On UT4 Bio Rifle Low Poly

KazeoHin has been a busy guy lately and unfortunately hasn’t had much time to work on the low poly model for his Bio Rifle design. He was however gracious enough to post a quick update of his current work in the forums. Hopefully we’ll get to see this in the game before the end of the year. No pressure Kazeo :p.

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