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Cliffy Hints at Arena Style Shooter for PC

Now that he has been away from Epic for a while, Cliff Blezinski is hinting at a new arena style shooter developed for PC.  I for one will keep my eyes peeled for this one since Epic has left us high and dry without an Unreal or UT for so many years.

Cliffy’s influence can be felt all over UT99 which is one of the reasons it was such a great game in my opinion.  People are jumping on the Cliffy hate bandwagon these days just because they are bored, but I’m definitely going to be rooting big time for a Cliffy designed arena shooter!

Check out the article HERE.  You can listen to the Podcast HERE.

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Hourences New Game: Solus

Hourences has been working on a new game called Solus using Unreal Engine 4. Anything he does gets my immediate attention, such an uber talent the man is. Here’s a video of pre-alpha work on it:

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DM-Malevolence-LP V1.1 Released

PlayForGG has released an updated version of his pro-style Malevolence which is definitely server worthy.  It’s already installed on the server and can be voted for under the HOLP section.  A download link is available under the Maps menu above and also on the Epic release thread HERE.

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Competitive Map Pack 2 is out!!!

I brand new “COMP” pack has been released on the Epic Forums today!  Led by the maker of DM-Facemash, NØØb_Zaibot and supported by various folks including members of the UOF team, this pack is a long time in coming.  I may not be able to get these up on the server right away but rest assured, they will be soon!  Early Christmas present guys!  Download it HERE.



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DM-AlpsDawnDuel2 by Thrallala Released

DM-AlpsDawnDuel2 was finally released today by Thrallala.

Quote from Epic Forums:

“Almost identical to the original UT2003/2004 CliffyB Ownage awarded map made by Emmanuel “Krolizard” Da Roit”

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HitPoint Gamer Interview with Hypno

The HitPoint Gamer website has an excellent interview with a top UT3 player, Hypno.  Check it out HERE.  Included is a video with his commentary while he is playing.  Very interesting to hear his thought process while he’s playing. This is a must watch!

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Wizd3m’s CTF Server is Now Live

Wizd3m has taken the bold step of setting up a new CTF server with standard weapons centrally located in Chicago.  The name of the server is worth a mention alone:

{TMF} Dead Gamers’ Tears CTF (Chicago)

I’ve added the banner under the Servers menu as an affiliated server.  Make sure to join in for some Wizd3m-style CTF action when you can!

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Rumple’s “Ultra Mega Carl” Beta Character

Rumplehedskin has put out a beta of a hilarious new character for UT3, Ultra Mega Carl.  Check it out by clicking on the Forum Discussion link below.

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UT99 Weapons For Your Desk!

Metalfist posted instructions on the Unreal Admin forums showing how to construct your own paper models of UT99 weapons! He built downloadable UT99 models for a program called Pepakura Designer.  Need a ‘deemer for your desk?  Check it out HERE!!

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DM-CBP3-Daoist Released!

A beautiful new map from Evilmrfrank is now available.  See the Epic forum thread for download link.  Great stuff!

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