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Sign the Petition For a New UT

There is a petition up to let Epic know that we want a new UT with UE4!  It gained 20 signatures while I was on the page.  Good to see that level of interest.  Head on over HERE to sign.

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No Unreal Universe Games Currently Being Developed by Epic

Okay, here is the bad news Unreal fans hoped we wouldn’t hear. Tim Sweeney has announced at the Game Developers Conference today that Epic is not working on any games in the Unreal universe at this time.

This is really a shame for Unreal fans.  I wish they would allow a community built UT at this point. Now that they are opening up UE4 as a subscription model to all developers, the community could take UT to the next gen on its own.

Read more HERE and HERE.

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PlayForGG has updated Malevolence-LP to v1.2

PlayForGG has made a boatload of changes to his previously released Malevolence-LP map.  Most importantly, quite a few blocking volumes have been added to improve players getting snagged in addition to mesh collision changes.

The server has been updated and it should be available off the redirect if you’re just going to play it online only.  See the Epic forum thread for download links if you are going to play offline.

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New WIP Images from Stevelois

Stevelois has been hard at work on a new low-poly style deathmatch map for UT3 called DM-Valon.  He recently made some changes to the visuals going from a bright daylight look to an orange-brown sky and ambience.  I have to say the change is stunning and has me really looking forward to this one.  Read more on Epic.

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Gears of War Forums Shutting Down

More news on the Gears of War purchase by Microsoft.  It looks like Epic’s GOW forums are shutting down and will available for archive viewing only.  I feel really bad for those guys who had posted so many years on there.  As a long time Epic Forums member myself on the UT side,  I can understand why there are a lot of sad folks over there.

Maybe I should start a new thread before the GOW forums shutdown that says something like, “hey guys, if you want to stay with Epic just play UT3”?  Okay maybe that’s not such a good idea…

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Microsoft Acquires Gears of War Franchise

Wow, it is really hard to tell what is going on with Epic these days!  No sign of anything Unreal for years and now they are selling their biggest franchise to Microsoft.  This is really quite shocking to me honestly.  Read more HERE.

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Beta for DM-Maliwan from PlayForGG Now Available

PlayForGG’s new map now has a name and a beta version to go with it!  Check out more info and download the beta HERE.

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Low Poly WIP Images From PlayForGG

PlayForGG has posted some new screenshots of a low poly map he’s making for UT3.  This is definitely one to watch. Check out the full set of screenshots HERE.

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New Arena Style Game Under Development

Okay I know we’re all starved for a new UT that seems less and less likely to happen.  The good news is, it seems like others are looking to pick up the slack.

First there was the news of CliffyB talking about a new arena-style game, now Fetid on the Epic forums has pointed out a game called Reflex which has as their tag line “A competitive first person shooter that combines modern tech with the speed and precision of 90s shooters.”  Count me in! 😛

Here’s a video of some very early footage.  Notable is the fact that they are developing their own engine.  They’ve got a long way to go but it’s great to know that there are developers out there that miss the 90’s game-play as much as I do.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my fellow UT/Unreal diehards!  I might not be able to get much mapping in this year but I will definitely be on the MCC server having a good time a couple of times a week.

My UT New Years resolution is to score one point against Enoch in a one-on-one match. I know it’s a lofty goal but I think I can do it with a little luck :D.

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