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DM-Airforce Installed On The Hub

Mr. E is working on a fun, small Deathmatch map for UT called DM-Airforce. His latest version is installed and ready to go on the UC Hub.  Word of warning, this one is probably not a great place to practice your sliding skills…

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First Person Bio Rifle Test

Epic’s ZombieGreenWood has brought KazeoHin’s current Bio Rifle model in-game for a first person test for @utgame. The results are fantastic! The weapon silhouette has an unexpectedly chunky feel to it. It’s a very good sign for it to look this good even without textures, animations, and emissive materials.

Can’t wait to kiss goodbye to the UT3 Bio Rifle!

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Gooba Discusses Path To Epic Games

In an article on 80 Level, Adam Wood, aka Gooba to UT fans, provides some insight into how he was able to get hired by Epic Games and work on the UT team. While this article may be pointed  out by the UT community as another “community involvement fluff piece”, it’s comforting to know that Gooba is very much alive and well and working on UT.

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UE4 Procedural Mesh Slicing – Training Stream

Here’s a crazy new feature in Unreal Engine 4.13. Procedural Mesh Slicing allows you to setup meshes that can be sliced up to bits during game play. Pretty cool stuff!  This tutorial featuring Alexander Paschall and Ian Shaddon, shows you some of the tricks to get this done.

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New Map From Trinitek Available

Wow, the mapping action is heating up with new shells popping up again. This time it is Trinitek stepping into the fray with DM-Headcase. Judging from the screenshots, it looks like it will be a blast to play. Expect this to be the UC Hub within the next couple of days.

Follow the development thread HERE.

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New WIP Map Shell By Heresiarch

Two days, two posts about Heresiarch. This can only mean one thing…the guy is a mapping machine! The new shell has both an interesting name, DM-Haruspex, and an interesting layout to go with it!  Follow the progress on this new map HERE.

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DM-Unsaved RC1 by Heresiarch Available

Heresiarch has released an RC1 version of his Mapcore contest-winning map, DM-Unsaved. It is a meshing master class! The map is installed and ready to play on the Unreal Carnage Hub. Don’t be surprised to see this map built in to the game soon…

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Bio Rifle by KazeoHin Nears Final

KazeoHin-TechAE has continued to refine his Bio Rifle concept and it appears now that Epic is considering the current iteration as the version that will make it into the game.  Cheers to Kazeo for getting another weapon into the game alongside the amazing Flak Cannon model!

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CTF-Azimuth Update By Selentic

Selentic and Neuro have updated CTF-Azimuth on the UT Forums for @utgame. They are building a mind boggling amount of custom content for the project. It’s not hard to imagine this one making it into the game as an official map.  You can follow the progress of this amazing map on the forums HERE.


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Unreal Carnage on Discord

There is now an Unreal Carnage Discord server for @utgame that is open to all UT fans.

Here is the direct link:  https://discord.gg/mje6YkJ

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