As most UT fans know, Epic Games is delisting almost all Unreal and Unreal Tournament games and shutting off the master servers on January 24th. See the PC Gamer article HERE.

It is unknown if we will be able to keep the Unreal Carnage UT4 servers running. Potentially players could still join via IP directly but this will shrink the already small player base further. There is a community effort to create a replacement master server so we will be following this. Hopefully this will allow the game to still be played.

Regardless, Unreal Tournament games are already removed from Steam and UT4 has been removed from the Epic Games Store which is simply mind boggling for the series that put Epic Games on the map.

Lastly, in an odd twist, Epic is going to bring back UT3 as F2P in some form. Since UT4 was never completed, Epic had to go back 15 years to find their last completed UT game which is just really weird on so many levels.

We will be continuing to monitor community efforts on UT4 and provide updates on that in the future.