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UT4 Update Available

There’s a new UT update available that has some fairly significant changes. Some good and some guaranteed to piss people off.  Here’s the highlights:

  • Significant updates to FlagRun game mode and FlagRun levels.
  • Players don’t collide with teammates except if both trying to stop in same location.
  • Turned off sprinting.
  • Now always use real Epic account names. Added option for user specified clan name prefix on scoreboard.
  • Improved interactive scoreboard, now enabled when join before match starts.
  • Improvements to QuickMatch and Ranked Match flow.
  • Functionality and balance updates to Lightning Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and other weapons.
  • Instagib changes requested by the community.
  • Track kill assists in all team game modes.
  • Default max players for DM now 8.
  • Maxplayers 10 for standard CTF ruleset.

And an excellent (as always) Zaccubus video to explain the changes further:

The full release notes can be found HERE.

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Ranked Duel Temporarily Disabled

One of the interesting changes with the last UT4 release was the addition of Ranked Duels. If you completed the duel tutorial, “Ranked Duel” would get added to the menu as an option. For those of you wondering why there is a big empty space at the bottom of the current main menu, it is to display additional unlocks such as Ranked Duel.

Epic continues to work on their matchmaking code, but due to few issues that were uncovered, Ranked Duel has been temporarily shut down and removed from the menu. Here’s hoping it makes a return in the next release!

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UT4 Update Released

Epic has released a long awaited update to UT4. There are quite a few changes to the game. Make sure to give them plenty of play time before providing feedback to Epic. Zaccubus put together a video detailing the changes:

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UT4 Update Coming Soon

The next update to Unreal Tournament will occur as early as next week according to Epic. RZE posted on the Epic Discord channel that Monday 1/23 is looking likely barring any last minute issues.

It’s always fascinating to try out the changes and listen to the griping that follows! #prealpha…

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Is Invasion Coming to UT4?

There are quite a few encouraging signs that some form of Invasion will be coming to UT4. Reviewing GitHub commits for the Unreal Tournament project reveals that Epic’s Mysterial has several commits with references to Invasion, PvE, and monsters. Somewhat confusingly, there are also references to “Flag Invasion” which may be something entirely different.

The most likely scenario is that we will see some form of Invasion that will initially be available under the Custom tab at some point using existing player models as monsters.

The ultimate goal of course will be to bring alive some of the assets made in KazeoHin’s “Unreal Universe Monsters! Let’s make some art together!” forum thread and bring Invasion in as a standard part of the game. This will require a significant amount of work to get those assets properly functioning and animated in the game but it will be well worth it.

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Version Notes Available for Upcoming UT Update

Epic has posted the version notes for the next Unreal Tournament update, tentatively scheduled for January 18th. The most prominent changes will be  an update to Unreal Engine 4.15 (which will undoubtedly break all of the community maps again) and Flag Run being added to Quick Match.

The most notable item missing is KazeoHin’s Bio Rifle. From forum posts, it looked like it would be a shoe-in for the next build but alas, we will have to wait a bit longer.

The full version notes can be found HERE.

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DM-Hollow WIP By Hanway Lin @utgame

Hanway Lin has been putting some serious hard work into a new map for UT4 called DM-Hollow. It is really starting to take shape and is playable on the UC Hub.  Be warned, the file size is large!

The map features quite a bit of custom content, some of which has been provided by 3D modeling master Conrad Justin. Amazing work so far Hanway! You can follow his forum thread HERE.


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DM-Delta R1 By Stevelois Released!

Stevelois has been teasing screenshots of a beautiful looking, highly meshed map on the forums and on his website for quite some time now. Today Steve released his first version of DM-Delta R1 and as of this moment, it is only playable on the Unreal Carnage Hub.

I’m sure Steve will be looking for feedback on the forums but for now, jump on the UC Hub and enjoy! Awesome job Steve!


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DM-Radioactive WIP Images By Effects69

Effects69 has been hard at work once again on UT4 fan-favorite DM-Radioactive. This map has been in regular rotation in shell form for quite some time and is always a blast to play. Looking forward to seeing this one get to final!

The UT forum development thread is located HERE.




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Bio Rifle Update Part 2

KazeoHin has posted what he considers to be his final version of the Bio Rifle. It is amazing to see how close this has come to eightball’s paintovers. Looking good Kazeo! Here’s hoping it makes it into the next build…

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