I’m getting a little behind on these things! Episode 15 is already out with Sir Brizz and TWD covering major changes such as the single tap dodge. I have been trying this out in the pre-alpha quite a bit, especially on forward dodge and it is actually surprisingly usable.

Outline for this week’s Podcast:

  1. community on site play test next week
  2. Owl mode
  3. stepped framerate smoothing
  4. Enforcer -> 25 -> 22
  5. Shock primary -> 40
  6. Flak secondary changes
  7. rocket splash damage reduction
  8. impact hammer range reduction
  9. lift fixes
  10. telefragging easier (not in this week’s build)
  11. Menu’s (almost there)
  12. Community topics
  13. single tap dodge and wall dodge
  14. sniper and sprint polls

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