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UT4 Lives On!

Despite the fact that Epic Games has pulled the plug on the UT4 master server, the community has saved the day! Led by timiimit with the development of a new master server alongside his UT4UU add-on, a large number of hubs and players have already made the switch.

If you are interested in connecting your UT4 install to the community master server, go to the UT4 Master Server website, create an account and follow the instructions from the menu in the upper right corner of the page: http://ms.getut4.com/

Also on the website, in addition to install instructions, there is a very handy listing of all of the current UT4 matches being played.

Sad Day for Unreal Tournament

As most UT fans know, Epic Games is delisting almost all Unreal and Unreal Tournament games and shutting off the master servers on January 24th. See the PC Gamer article HERE.

It is unknown if we will be able to keep the Unreal Carnage UT4 servers running. Potentially players could still join via IP directly but this will shrink the already small player base further. There is a community effort to create a replacement master server so we will be following this. Hopefully this will allow the game to still be played.

Regardless, Unreal Tournament games are already removed from Steam and UT4 has been removed from the Epic Games Store which is simply mind boggling for the series that put Epic Games on the map.

Lastly, in an odd twist, Epic is going to bring back UT3 as F2P in some form. Since UT4 was never completed, Epic had to go back 15 years to find their last completed UT game which is just really weird on so many levels.

We will be continuing to monitor community efforts on UT4 and provide updates on that in the future.

UT4 NA Winter Blitz Cup 2021!

Signups are open for the NA Winter Blitz Cup! Prize pool is currently $1150!

See the Unreal Carnage Discord #cup-info-jan30 channel for the details and signup info.

NA Blitz Summer Draft Cup June 20th

Sign up your team here:  https://forms.gle/e5Z882FGGfvdaFVC8

Shaddycat’s “For Fun Free for All” Deathmatch Tournament Tomorrow!

Shaddycat is hosting a Deathmatch Tournament tomorrow, April 26, 2020 at 2:00 PM CDT ! Visit the Challonge page to get signed up! You can also go to the Unreal Carnage Discord channel for discussion.


NA Blitz Cup Jan 25th, 2020

The first North American Blitz Cup of 2020 is happening next weekend! The fun starts on January 25th at 17:00 CET! The Cup is organized by the Hydrate clan and will be streamed on Twitch by conX5.

See the Unreal Carnage Discord Blitz Cup #info channel for further details.

There’s still time to register. Sign ups are at Challonge HERE.

UT4 NA Blitz Cup July 14th

The first Blitz Cup sponsored by the North American Blitz community is all set to roll on July 14th at 12pm CT/ 5pm GMT.

To follow the cup live, conX5 will be streaming on Twitch:

Go here to check out the ladder:

Preview of Reworked DM-Erase

Flikswich has posted a video of a substantially reworked DM-Erase. Time will tell if it captures lightning in a bottle like the first version did…

Sounds like a link will be available soon – stay tuned for hub availability.

Unreal Tournament World Duel Cup

With a total prize pool of $500, UT4 fans will be glued to the UT World Duel Cup sponsored by UTPugs. The fun starts at 1:30 PM EST tomorrow, March 9th.

Here’s the prize money breakdown:

Pool for Division 1: $375 ($150, $100, $70, $55)

Pool for Division 2: $125 ($50, $35, $25, $15)

Go HERE to check out the brackets.

Stream Link:

Retrospective on Deck-16

Here’s a decent retrospective on Deck-16 through the years starting with Unreal 1.

What is unique about this posting is in the comments section where the original creator of Deck-16, Myscha the sleddog, posts a comment.

Always good to know some of these guys are still around and paying attention. Credits to Heresiarch for finding this.

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