Sir Brizz and The White Dragon take on the most important UT pre-alpha build to date with the inclusion of DM-Outpost23 and many other upgrades. They call out the difficulty of seeing the characters in Outpost which I didn’t find to be a big issue. Sure it’s not as easy as a HOLP map, but still better than most stock UT3 maps.

The other issue with Outpost is the outside/inside transitions which I found adds a new dynamic to game play. For example, I find myself having to make a decision to enter the “power beam” room from the outside based partly on sound.

The hard core players have a tendency to want to graphically dumb down the game. I think we can still have great action yet still have great visuals. They mention the shock combo effect in the podcast which I’m disappointed to see it get graphically less interesting in the name of visibility.

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