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Cliffy Announces Project Bluestreak

Before the new UT was announced, our only hope for a UT-like arena shooter was Cliffy’s notional new shooter that he alluded to in an interview. Well, he’s finally announced it officially with a Tweet and a single image:


The more the merrier I say!

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DM-Furnace for UT3 Released by Thrallala

Thrallala has been working on this one for quite some time and the wait is worth it. This will be his last map for UT3 and here’s hoping he will map for the new UT! Check out the forum release HERE.


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DM-Valon by Stevelois Released!

At long last, Stevelois has released DM-Valon. This map is another low-poly, BSP master class by Steve. I’ve been waiting patiently to put this into rotation on the server! The map is now available on the MCC server and redirect.

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“The Plan”

Steve Polge has stickied a post in the new UE4 Unreal Tournament forums discussing the basic concept of how the new UT development will work. Check it out HERE. I have never seen forums start with so much activity in my life!!

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The Future of UT is…

A completely free game co-developed between the community and Epic! This is really exciting to me but I’m sure it is not as exciting to the people that were hoping for a full blown game. Personally, if Epic gives strong leadership on this, this will actually be better than any UT before it IMO.

They will build a Deathmatch core to start with and engage the community completely. If you have a UE4 subscription, you will be able to start working on parts of the game right away.

I think this probably means that Open Tournament will no longer be needed. I think some of what has been done already there will able to be brought over. Certainly the maps.

I know there will be a ton of whiners about this announcement but I am PSYCHED about this! Great to see Epic getting behind this and to see Steve Polge and Flak on the Twitch was great.

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Twitch TV UT Reveal is Today!!

The Twitch TV Unreal Tournament Reveal is today (11am PDT).  Time to start holding our collective breaths peeps.


Watch live video from UnrealEngine on www.twitch.tv


The Future is Tomorrow

I know all of my fellow UT fans are stressing out in regards to what will be revealed tomorrow. I think most of us are afraid to walk away disappointed but who knows, we could be massively surprised.

Whatever the announcement is tomorrow, I think I will be most surprised if it is a conventional reveal of an all-new, full blown AAA game. Most people are thinking it will be a basic game shell that will launch into a community effort to showcase Unreal Engine 4. I would be fine with this actually since it will be more than I expected from Epic (which was NOTHING!).

To help reduce our stress a bit, here’s some comic relief courtesy of Bah_Mee in the Epic forums. Funny stuff Bah!  Great to see many of the old names on Epic and BU this week.


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Epic announces livestream to reveal “future of Unreal Tournament” on May 8th!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy crap I did not see this coming.  Mark Rein tweeted that the future will be revealed on May 8th!!! Cough, cough, I think I feel like I’m coming down with something… on May 8th…

Another tweet from Epic’s Paul Meegan is extremely interesting. “UE4 Dev Community + Epic. The future of Unreal Tournament,” he tweeted. I’m almost wondering if they got spooked by Open Tournament. Are they wanting to join forces with OT??  Who knows, I guess we’ll find out next Thursday!


Update on GameSpy Situation

Flak posted the following comment today in the Epic Forums:

“UT3 is safe. We have an in-house solution and it will just require you to do a few steps locally to get it running. More info coming!”

So, it looks like UT3 will live on!

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GameSpy Server Support Going Down Permanently

Well here we go again.  GameSpy Technology, the company running the multiplayer interface for several games including UT3 is officially going down.

What this means is that if Epic does not come up with their own solution by May 31, 2014, the server browser in UT3 will be nonfunctional. The only way to connect to your favorite server would be through direct IP and I’m assuming you would not be able to “login” to the game as normal.

The good news is that, according to THIS article, Epic is working on a their own solution.  Here’s hoping they can pull that off seamlessly.

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