It struck me while playing the other night and seeing more and more artsy player names, that some players might not be aware that UT4 supports using “alt-codes” natively in the playername setup window.

If you don’t know what the codes are, you can check out a site like Alt-Codes. To use these, make sure your num-lock is on since you need to use your keypad. While in game and the cursor positioned in the player name box, hold the alt-key down, type the code number, then release the alt-key. On occasion, you may not get what you want.

The game will also accept many Unicode characters (also found on the Alt-Codes website) but I’ve only had luck typing these into an html friendly editor such as Microsoft Word, then cutting/pasting into the game. In an editor such as Word, hold the alt-key down, type &# followed by the unicode number, then release the alt-key. With UT running, you can then copy from Word and paste into the UT player name window. As with alt codes, your mileage may vary.

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