Epic has laid down the law and given a feel for how they are going to operate with regards to chosen community made assets. Chris Perna came into the forums last week and said the following:

Just to clarify we will not be doing design by committee here.

Epic will be making final calls on all approved artwork for our core UT project. We would like community participation but that doesn’t mean that we will be voting or polling. I have a direction that I would like to take the core project in visually. If I see a piece of art that fires on all cylinders I will share internally and make a call. I need you all to trust that it’s the right call. I realize it’s all pretty subjective so I’m ok to “agree to disagree”.

Epic has chosen one of Gooba’s concepts and it will be in the first release of the game. End of story. In my opinion, this is fantastic! The forums were getting fairly ratty and Epic needed to come in and reset the tone.

On top of that, Gooba can almost do no wrong. He has pumped out so many incredible concepts for the game. I have a feeling Gooba will be an Epic employee one day…

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