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IGN, Gamespy closing down

As widely reported on the net, IGN is closing its doors.  Along with it, the Gamespy website and all of the “Planet” websites (Planet Unreal was mostly dead already anyway).  The scary part for us UT3’ers is what happens to the in-game browser, and game log in which was run in conjunction with Gamespy??

On the slightly unnerving side of things, Flak just posted on the Epic Forums “We’re checking into it.”.  I’m a bit surprised/worried that the answer wasn’t readily available.

Most likely everything will be fine but a worst case scenario would be that it would completely break the UT3 game log in preventing us from playing online at all even through direct IP.  I’m sure even in that case, a fix would be found at some point.


  1. It blows we were trapped into Gamespy to start with. I’d like to kick the guys in the gallstones that can up with that crap.

  2. Any news on if this will affect online gaming? All I saw online was weeping comments on how much Gamespy would be missed!

    • I’m sure they were talking about the website(s) and not the in-game browser which was universally hated. No news from Epic on this front yet…

  3. Good riddance to Gamespy.

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