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Liandri Vault Review: DM-CBP-SpaceIt

Wizd3m has a new review up of DM-CBP-SpaceIt.  He had pretty much the same reaction as I did while playing it.  It is a beautiful map but very dark and hard to see for my old eyes so unfortunately it won’t get much server time.  Check out his review HERE.


  1. It’s too bad really, soo much effort has clearly gone into this one. Do you think a brighter re-release would make this map more entertaining?

  2. Yeah I think a brighter version would get much more play. It is real shame since it is such a massive amount of work involved and a beautiful effort from an artistic standpoint.

  3. I had to go back and try this level again because I couldn’t remember it until I opened it back up. I agree a huge effort was put into this to make it visually beautiful, but for me it wasn’t too dark, it was the lack of real estate. I had a hard time duke’ing it out on small platforms and the flow seemed restricted by this constant feeling I was about to fall off. I’m clumsy.

  4. I actually had an easier time staying on my feet in this one than in some others that I played, and I thought the platforms were quite large. Then again, there were times when I jumped off an elevated platform thinking there was a another set below me, and was dead wrong, aahaha.

  5. Yeah, I’m pretty clumsy so anything without walls to keep me inside the boudaries is tough for me.

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