*Edit* The “Delete All Bots from Deathmatch” has been changed to NumPlay=2 so that at least 1 bot will be in when someone joins.

Now anyone who plays on the MCC server can have the godlike powers of an MCC admin :P.  I’ve added two new votable gametypes for adding or deleting bots from the vote menu.  When you choose the gametype “Add Bots to DeathMatch”, the HOLP map list will appear.

When the vote is complete, the “NumPlay” server value will be set to 6 (bots added) from that point forward unless the “Delete All Bots from Deathmatch” gametype is voted for (which sets NumPlay to zero).  In addition, if the NumPlay value is currently zero, choosing one of the “Set Botskill…” gametypes will set NumPlay back to 6 and add bots back in.

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