Apologies to all who played on the server last night (enoch, rasoula, ghost, cry, blackwolf etc.) for my continuous admin login/logout fiasco.  I bought a new mouse that has right side buttons that want to return to a previous function even after I reprogrammed them.

This caused the buttons to act like page up/page down which are my server admin login keys.  There were no admin hax going on honest :).  I will have this fixed the next time I play if I have to break out the sledgehammer!

On another note, at the end we started hitting some of the retail levels which I hadn’t played in a while.  Dayam I forgot how much they suck for UT!  Without  player tags, the players don’t stand out well like on low poly maps.  Lack of player visibility is why we lost some good folks out of the UT community like Fuegerstef. They are beautiful in many cases but they just don’t work in a fast paced shooter IMO.

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