Epic released a new build yesterday. The most notable addition is the new CTF map, CTF-Plaza, by mister mapping machine himself, Clawfist. It’s a great layout with an urban theme (BSP shell at this point). Hopefully it will lead to urban-themed official assets at some point.

Some players have noted issues with the offline challenges in this build so my guess is there will be an interim patch to fix that in the next week or two.

On the server side, trusted servers now have functioning XP progression bars at the end of a match which is highly welcomed. This is important to give a consistent user experience across servers.

See the full changelog HERE.

During the project stream this week, Epic mentioned that DM-Chill is the next map to get the polishing treatment (yes, I know, the worst kept secret..). Once again, they will be using Gooba’s art for inspiration which pretty much guarantees that it will turn out beautiful.

Lastly, it should be noted that Epic has also added 32-bit support to the Launcher for those folks that want to stay in the dark ages :).


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