This week, Epic released a new build with a typically large number of changes (changelog HERE) with the obvious ones being the Halloween related items. Along with this come the usual complaints in the forums about Epic focusing on pumpkin heads instead of gameplay. Do these people ever look at the changelog?? One of the most significant changes was the shock ball speed increase which is great to see. Epic will never be able to please everyone though and complaints about all weapons will continue for the life of the game unfortunately.

A big announcement on this week’s Project Update stream, was Gooba (Adam Wood) being officially moved from contractor status to full-time Epic employee. What a great, great story and I personally have even higher hopes for the visuals of UT now that Gooba is full-time with Epic on UT. The Epic team’s comment – “congratulations to us” was a great nod to the excitement that Epic has themselves toward bringing on Gooba full-time.

No get crackin’ and grab those pumpkins in SpookyFace!


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