I admit I’m keeping my eye on Toxikk since it unabashedly does not hide the fact that it takes much of its design concepts from UT.

I fired up the early access beta last night and I have to say that it’s a good attempt at a fun, UT-like game. In development by a small team at Reakktor studios over the last three years, the game is built on the UDK and uses many of the UT3 public assets that are available in the UDK.

They went for the highly cluttered environment look like UT3 but the characters are all fairly brightly lit with emissive materials so it is effectively similar to the brightskins mutators available in all UTs.

Movement-wise, it feels fairly fluid with a quite high double jump peak and a dodge and dodge-jump ala UT2004. The one caveat is that the dodge reset time is slow which is a little annoying coming from UT but I’m sure it was on purpose to tone down the movement a tad and give noobs a chance at getting a few kills.

I’m still learning the weapons and there is no visual ordering of weapons on the HUD so I don’t know the relative power of each of them yet. Overall, they have the basis for a pretty fun game that I’m sure will be tweaked by the final release.

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