As many of you know, after the May 12th UT update, all community maps were broken due to the 4.12 engine update. This is always a “fun” time for server admins since loading custom maps is a very time consuming effort.

Compounding the problem is the fact that it looks like raxxy shutdown the Rushbase UT file server for good. Rushbase was nice to have for several reasons since it not only provided a place for mappers to upload their maps, but it also doubled as redirect (cloud-based no less) for server admins. Now, admins are back to an ad hoc system of creating their own redirect servers and loading the maps on them. Hopefully Epic will step up to the plate and provide a permanent redirect solution at some point.

The best way to get these is to go into the hub and click on the Download All Content button and then go do something else until all files are downloaded :).

Here are the current community DeathMatch maps installed on the Hub as of 5/21/16:












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