I’ve been lurking around the UE4 forums lately, marveling at the amount of interest in the tools.

Today I stumbled on a post asking to form a team to build a UT clone in UE4! It really is good to see interest in moving forward on this. Frankly, I was waiting and hoping for someone to chime in and start it (someone younger and more energetic than myself!) so I’m excited to see it beginning.

Epic had previously been negative on this using the UDK but today, Alexander Pascall from Epic stopped by and left the following very encouraging post:

Quote Originally Posted by Alexander Paschall View Post

Hi Everybody,We are very honored to see how many people are interested in creating this project; it speaks volumes about how much Unreal Tournament has touched our lives.I went ahead and talked about this to our business department and what it comes down to is this: We encourage you to create a community-based “spiritual sequel” project that can be 100% your own. We would be ecstatic to see a project that is inspired by the fast-paced and intense gameplay of Unreal Tournament. However, we also want to make sure there are no business complications down the road, so please do not use the Unreal Tournament name or any trademarked or copyright protected content in the project. Other than that, we are thrilled to see what will come of the project. Please keep us posted with updates!

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