Today’s @utgame project stream was quite fascinating with discussion revolving around the upcoming build, in addition to two new maps on the way.

Regarding the next game update (which potentially could be released tomorrow), the biggest change is the conversion from a capsule-type player collision to a cylinder. This will be very interesting to see how this plays but hopefully it provides more consistent hit registration.

Also in the new build is the addition of new status indicators near the crosshair. The community feedback on this should be interesting :). Lastly, Steve mentioned that there are now death sounds for the first time in this UT so that should be fun!

In terms of new map releases, Chris Kay showed off a new gimmick map called DM-BioTower that looks like Morbias with a Bio twist. Could be fun for a few laughs like er, um, SpaceNoxx :).

The highlight of the stream was the reveal of what looks to be a nearly completed, meshed out, DM-Tuba (soon to be renamed).  Looks very Unreal-y which is great! Watch the replay of the stream (now with chat replay!) HERE.


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