Epic’s project update for this week was chock full of info about the next release. With the whiners in full swing right now, Steve Polge, listed off several changes to the core game that should be in the next build within the next two weeks.

Movement will be adjusted to compensate for the 15% scale change and many weapons will see small changes. Still probably not enough for the “I want it free, and I want it yesterday” crowd, it will be interesting to see if it at least heads in the right direction to appease the mob.

Stu Fitzsimmons showed off the most substantial views yet of a fully-meshed DM-Chill. It looks like a beautiful piece of art befitting a next-gen game. And no, it won’t have the same visibility as the shell – not rocket science there.

Lastly, Pete Knepley discussed the new Match Making Ranking (MMR) system which will be handled on the backend instead of on servers themselves.

Watch the replay of the stream HERE.

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