On the UT Twitch stream today, a bit of sad news for those of us hoping for a decked out, snowy DM-Chill for the holidays. The UT team is in the middle of making the big leapĀ from UE 4.9 to UE 4.11 and it sounds like it has caused mayhem with the game. With the build being far from stable and Epic shutting down for two weeks over the holidays, it would be best not to hold your breath for a new build before January.

Also on the stream, Clawfist detailed out Epic’s plans for putting community maps on the Epic Hubs. He went through the list of maps that have been chosen for the first wave. Currently, all of the DM maps on the list are already on the UC Hub and the CTF maps will be added shortly. No need to wait for the Epic Hubs to get their act together :-).

Finally, Flak showed a few images of Joelipoo’s awesome Skaarj character from the forums. The most amazing thing is how well he implemented Gooba’s paintover in 3D space (which I don’t think was emphasized properly on the stream). This is some of the most amazing community work so far.

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