This week’s UT Pre-alpha Project Update starts off in a map review. It’s not just any map review though, it’s Gooba’s new level DM-Sand (which is available to play on the Unreal Carnage HUB).

There will be a new build on 5/28 that will include Frag Center, improved spectating camera system, improved first person spectating, DM-Morbias(!!), DM-Solo, and  CTF-Mine. They have also added in-match stats in the scoreboard and end match stats. Custom match creation for offline play and Hubs will be back!

The stream also featured the much anticipated return of a Q&A session with Epic taking questions from the forums. Here’s a few of the highlights:

Mouse movement:  Steve thinks networking might be the problem but acknowledges issues.

Player Movement:  No immediate movement changes.  Adding effects for movement to make them easier to read.

Netcode changes :  Steve mentions several netcode changes that will be worked on in the near future.

Matchmaking:   Coming soon and expanding on what is in the Hub functionality already.

Rypelcam tools:  There will be new demorec tools with DVD-like controls and a replay system.

Vehicle gametypes:  Steve says they are still a while away from vehicle gametypes.

Server downloading of  custom maps: They will be working on improving server stuff relating to downloading custom maps.

Voice taunts:  On Jim’s todo list.

Bind text to a key:  They weren’t sure if it was already functional.

Anti-cheat: Speed hack prevention in the next build and much more to come when the game is much farther along.

Should be a new female character soon.

Steve says alpha (dropping the “pre”) is coming at the end of summer.