The UT project update for this week indicated a Q&A session with the community but for those of us who are watching the recorded broadcast, the Q&A session didn’t seem to make the cut. There is also a 1:44 remnant on the Twitch past broadcast list that doesn’t seem to function.

That said, what was presented contained several interesting tidbits regarding the next release. Chief among these were movement changes with changes to slide and wall slide as standouts. Steve mentioned a bug fix that “could” get people that have been affected the most by the aiming/netcode issues, back in the game. It looks like game has been one frame off with regards to calculating where a hit takes place. Will be interesting to see how this affects mouse movement feel.

Also of huge interest to HUB operators :), was the one second blurt out by Steve that there will be some sort of HUB-based mapvote in the next build. Good to see that Epic is listening to us!

Watch the Twitch stream HERE.

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