A substantial update to UT4 was released today with numerous changes. Here’s the highlights:

  • Coop vs AI FlagRun available via QuickMatch or hubs.
  • Weapon animation overhaul.
  • Movement updates to wall running, acceleration, and dodge landing.
  • Weapon balance changes, particularly to Flak Cannon.
  • New Siege PVE prototype game mode available as hub ruleset.
  • New and updated Single Player Challenges.
  • Significant improvements to hitscan registration in network games.
  • Improvements to FlagRun game mode and significant updates to FR-Fort and FR-Loh.
  • Improvements to warm up and waiting for matches.
  • Simple UI for joining LAN games.

Go HERE for the full changelog.

Zaccubus has also produced one of his fantastic Patch Notes videos.  These videos now automatically start with the game after a patch.

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