Pete Hayes (aka YemYam) started a new thread in the UT Forums to show off concepts for robot designs in the new UT. They are considering a three phase approach with the following framework:

– Phase 1: Industrial bots non-modified for combat. Can hold their own in combat but look like they should be doing construction not fighting. They should look cool but not necessarily dangerous and have minimal armored parts.

– Phase 2: Multipurpose bots used for industrial or combat purposes. They have some utilitarian looking components and some exposed areas but it’s obvious they have upgraded various parts to be more effective in combat. They should look a little chunkier and more armored.

– Phase 3: Combat specific bots, the most powerful and deadly version. They have been engineered from the ground up to be the deadliest bots in the tournament. They have sleeker and more armored components and visually look like the strongest, toughest and meanest out of the three.

The Phase 1 robot will be the first up. Gooba has put together an initial concept (below) and Pete will start modeling this right away. The game desperately needs some┬árobots asap to feel like UT. I can’t wait to get all three phases in game!

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