I decided to give UTComp another try so folks that are into that can enjoy their beloved crosshairs and hit sounds. I’ve locked out most of the voting capability since it is not quite as flexible on gametype voting as the stock vote menu.

Another important thing to note:  I’ve removed the Player Alias mutator since that functionality is built-in to UTComp.  If you were using a player alias using that older mutator, you will need to go to the Misc menu in UTComp (F5 key) and type your alias back in there exactly like you had it with the old mutator.  If you get it wrong, UTStats will start collecting an all-new set of stats, not tied to your old alias (I believe UTStats is even case sensitive to player names).  Look at how your name is currently recorded by visiting the Stats page on this site to make sure you make it the same.


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