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Fortnite Players Trying UT? (@FortniteGame @utgame)

Now that Epic has a viral hit on its hands with Fornite Battle Royale, PC Fortnite players checking out the launcher might be stumbling onto the UT pre-alpha for the first time.

Unfortunately for UT, the game isn’t ready to safely capture these players and place them in an enjoyable environment. Currently “green 1’s” are jumping right into high ranked matches and hitting the buzzsaw of the hardcore crowd.

To those trying UT for the first time, grab some of your Fortnite friends on the launcher and create private and/or ranked matches on a Hub.  The Hub list is under the Play menu (Join a hub). Joining a hub with friends rather than Quickplay will give you more control over your match. Once you are in a hub, click on the Start a Match button and select a gametype. Once in the match, go to your friends list and invite people to join.

The hottest gametype at the moment is a community mod by Scoob called Elimination. On the Unreal Carnage hub, this gametype can be found under the Featured tab after you click the Start a Match button. In Elimination you start with all of the weapons and fight to death against the opposing team over the course of 10 rounds.

There are many old timers who think that the current UT does not have a high skill ceiling.  Compared to other games, it still has a very high skill ceiling so it can take quite a while to be competitive. Take the journey with some similarly skilled friends and you will have a much more enjoyable experience.


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Map Reviews for @utgame by Nanners, Sassmaster, and Heresiarch

Long time UT community members Nanners, Sassmaster, and Heresiarch have taken up the daunting task of providing quality feedback for several community made maps for UT4.

At this point, they have reviewed four maps in all.  Each of the maps are painstakingly covered, with discussions on gameplay along with suggestions on map geometry and item placement.

If you are a mapper, these videos are a must watch to hear some pro tips on map layout. If you are a player, these videos will help you understand better why the maps play the way they do and maybe a learn a new trick or two.

Here are the four videos released so far:

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UT4 June 2017 Update Released

The June 2017 update for Unreal Tournament has been released. Here are the highlights:

  • Significant performance improvements for low end systems, with simple forward shading support and reflection environment optimizations
  • In-game voice chat support
  • New Bio Rifle mesh from KazeoHin.
  • Blitz improvements including improved Rally Cam and gameplay tweaks.
  • Support character specific first person arms.
  • First person animations improved and refined.

For the full release notes, go HERE.

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Unreal Engine 4.16 Released

Epic Games has released Unreal Engine 4.16 with a massive change log. The most long awaited new feature is the new Volumetric Fog engine. While this feature likely will not be used to a great extent in Unreal Tournament due to the need for visual clarity, in the right situation, it could be used as an effective design element.

Go HERE to view the highlights.

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Duel Tutorial By Zaccubus

Zaccubus posted a new Duel tutorial which is a good place to start for beginning Duelers. It covers the basics such as map knowledge, timing, and positioning.


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Epic Games Funds Blender Development

Blender Foundation chairman Ton Roosendaal has reported that Epic games has donated $13.5K to the foundation. Alexander Paschall posted on the Unreal Engine Forum regarding the news:

“We are trying to get a solid pipeline for exporting from Blender to UE4. So far things are going really well and we hope to see some cool stuff in the near future”.

The workflow works pretty well currently for most content but a formal pipeline blessed by Epic would be more than welcomed.

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May 2017 UT4 Patch Released

Epic released an update to Unreal Tournament today with numerous changes to the Blitz gametype and a fairly substantial change to the Flak Cannon. The Flak Cannon adjustments have been long overdue and bring it much more in line with previous UT’s particularly UT2004.

As is typical now with most builds, all custom content has to be recooked so the Unreal Carnage Hub will be lacking community maps and mutators for a few days.

Go HERE to see the full changelog.

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Blitz Design Overview By Clawfist

Sidney “Clawfist” Rauchberger posted a fascinating article this week which discusses the map design process that the Epic team has gone through for Blitz (formerly Flag Run). If you’re interested in designing a Blitz level for UT4, this is a must read.

You can find the article HERE on Epic’s UT blog.

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UT4 April 2017 Update Available

The latest update for UT has come a bit earlier than usual. This is most likely due to community feedback on the dodge change in the previous build. As usual there a number of tweaks to the game and the best way to learn about them is with Zaccubus’ excellent Patch Notes videos.

The full patch notes can be found HERE.

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Updated @utgame DM-Hollow Screenshots

Hanway Lin has provided a few updated screenshots of his incredible DM-Hollow map in the UT forums. Looking forward to seeing this map get put on the Market Place!

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