And the answer is… today! Epic has released a new build today (see release notes) and the long-awaited, fully meshed version of DM-Chill is in the game! It is stunningly beautiful and it is an incredible Unreal Engine 4 benchmark for visuals. One of the most amazing things about it is that the performance is quite high given the amount of content on screen.

Now it’s soapbox time: I know there are going to be a bunch of whiners that will say that it’s visually noisy and hard to see targets compared to the BSP shell. For those people I have to ask, what the hell were you thinking?? There is no way possible that a fully meshed DM-Chill is going to provide the same target visibility as the BSP shell. That said, I didn’t have much problem picking up targets myself so they did the best job possible with the lighting yet still allowing a believable atmosphere.

For the DM-Chill WIP shell lovers, it’s still available and I will probably have it up on the Hub for those looking for a competitive DM-Chill experience.

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